Fractal Geometry Sukkah
Margot Krasojevic
Fractal Geometry Sukkah
The Fractal Sukkah

The fractal Sukkah uses the geometry of self similarity taken from a shaft of wheat
Which, dictates the relationship between interior and exterior spaces.
The wooden frame structure is covered in a printed canvas that has a digital image of
The fractal printed onto it.
The form of the Sukkah is hyperbolic it folds in on itself using the structural leg support
As a water drain channeling rain water through the section of the Sukkah.
The floor tiles are supported by a wooden frame wall which sits under the Sukkah .
The shadows created by the Sukkah highlight the passing of time, a moment, the
Design is in this moment animated by the light changes signifying the journey of
The Israelites

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