“Build your own Sukkah!”

This simple statement led us to the development of KOSHO - our design proposal - and persuaded us to build a 1:1 scale prototype to test its feasibility.
Thanks to this experience we are not only skilled at building a second KOSHO in NYC, but also willing to share our knowledge and every necessary detail to make anyone else able to 'do the same at home'.

As a consequence we decided that the best way to present KOSHO to the Competition Jury and to the Citizens of New York was to tell the story of how it was built once upon a time, in a hypothetical place, by three imaginary boys.

The star of David – superimposition of two equilateral triangles - is the generative image of our Sukkah. The octahedron - polyhedron with eight triangular faces – is the three-dimensional materialization of our construction. A wooden fan is the triggering metaphor of our tectonic principle.

KOSHO is a simple, light, transportable, low-cost, kosher construction that meets the rules and regulations listed in the competition brief. KOSHO is small but comfortable, can be easily transported, quickly installed and dismantled. KOSHO is a symmetrical polyhedron built through the juxtaposition of modular elements, but when perceived from different angles and in diverse light conditions, it appears as a dynamic and articulated structure. As the eye moves around, a multitude of slanting trajectories between the earth and the sky reveals the essence and the meaning of the construction.

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