Carolin Mees
The OneWeekHouse is a temporary structure used for one week in fall.

In accordance with the traditional Sukkah building the treshold between the inside and outside space of the OneWeekHouse is diffuse: The walls are formed by vertical bamboo studs and sheets of burlap woven inbetween them. Horizontal bamboo woven between the vertical studs at the top hold the burlap sheets up. By tying a rope around the vertical and horizontal studs the walls are held together at the top of the structure.

The roof is permeable for light and rain as required for the traditional Sukkah: Maize plants cut of the ground in fall are laid on top of the walls starting at the corners. The roof is loosely covered, leaving spaces between to see the sky through during the night.

The floor plate is formed by two bamboo plywood sheets joined with a metal rail to one piece. The plate is lifted of the ground, resting on four metal pipes rammed into the ground. The vertical bamboo studs are stuck through holes spread around the parameter of the floor plate and thus fixed at their lower end.

The parts of the OneWeekHouse are made of natural, sustainable material: bamboo is a fast growing and thus sustainable plant as is maize – both are of the same appearance -, burlap is woven out of plants fibres.

The OneWeekHouse can be assembled without using tools, only by the parts together with rope, and thus be used by anybody.

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