Open Sukkah
Henry Weintraub
Open Sukkah
The sukkah’s walls are comprised of two distinct systems juxtaposed in two interlocking corner elements.

The wood framing members and wood bench provide a welcoming sense of enclosure and solidity. The canvas panels woven around regularly spaced copper tubes act as a light screen which filters but does not exclude the city outside. Organized in a customizable patchwork pattern which decreases in solidity at the edges of each corner, the canvas embodies impermanence and connection of the sukkah to its urban site. The wood and canvas weave together and interact, much as the very concept of the sukkah mediates between the ideals of enclosure and openness. The open passageways between the corners encourage transparency and movement through the sukkah while the exterior bench welcomes visitors to engage it from outside as well as inside. The sukkah is an element to be experienced ‘in the round’.

The roof’s dynamic geometry is derived from the interaction between the two corner elements. The ridge beam connecting the corners is skewed in elevation, tilting upward to draw the eye up and out to the sky. The interaction of the regular geometry of the walls with the angled ridge beam creates an organic, sweeping framework for the traditional schach foliage providing shade and views through the roof.

Rooted on the wood frame at one corner and extending beyond the sukkah’s walls, the roof structure resembles the complexity of a tree canopy overhead, expressing the impermanence and changeability of shelter, encouraging connection to the world around us.

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