P.YGROS.C / passive hygroscopic curls
THEVERYMANY / Marc Fornes with Jared Laucks
P.YGROS.C / passive hygroscopic curls
"Embrace tradition while decorating it your way..."

P.YGROS.C proposes to reinvent the common Sukkah morphology into a continuous network of timber grid shell structures - yet following the ancestral rules.

Wood is a natural fiber-composite material. Due to its ANISOTROPIC MICROSTRUCTURE (directional dependency of its structural properties), overlapping two layers of stripes as thin as timber veneer, if of opposite direction, creates a very strong and rigid structure - yet extremely lightweight (ease of assembly) and translucent…

The three dimensional lattice is wrapping around itself to create rigid pipe like structures, that bundle together, shaping from ground up three organic walls that join and twirl at the top, shaping three gigantic oculars toward the sky. In order to discover the created channeled views to the stars one has to insert his/her head within one of the lower polyps / trumpet aperture - discovering within the intricate network many side views offering social interaction and all sorts of possible effects through the filtering of light...

Thin timber veneer stripes also display DELIQUESCENT QUALITIES (defined as the materials’ potential to absorb humidity from its ambient surrounding environment). What can usually be perceived as a negative effect can actually produce passive variations along the life of the Sukkah and activate its surrounding.

Through absorption of moisture -and respectively its disposal- the material expands or contracts while undergoing dimensional changes. Purposely over-extended tips of the wooden strips allow a real time passive registration of the humidity level of its environment by bending up and twisting into natural curly shapes during wet weather -revealing the bright green painted under faces- and bending back to a flat wood aspect when dry….

What can be seen as a tip to curls behaviors is also aiming to activate social awareness to passive energy to the surrounding of the Union Square public plaza...

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