Volkan Alkanoglu

STAR COCOON will create a spatial environment that allows communities to engage with each other. Shared community spaces are important cultural areas of our society and require design which is attractive, functional, and allows for multi-purpose use. STAR COCOON is a communication device that will be used for gathering, entertainment, and resting.

The idea and concept manifested within this project is based on the emphasis of communication. The geometry consists of a pierced volumetric Cocoon shape to generate transparent, monolithic and ephemeral qualities. The Cocoon shape curves and bends in several specific locations providing structural support and surface enclosure. The design encourages users to communicate and invites them to occupy the Sukkah within the several individual positions, generating both intrinsic and extrinsic social and spatial conditions.


STAR COCOON will be constructed with bamboo and rattan materials. Bamboo will be used as a structural frame and grid to define the shape. The individual pieces will be bent with an adjustable jig and heated up to keep their shape. The envelope consists of rattan with a white finish and will be woven to a surface mat. All surfaces will be produced, cut and woven based on algorithmic scripts to allow optimum use of material and cost.

The project will be mounted and de-mounted in-situ in several larger components, allowing easy storage and transportation. The assembly process will take one day using basic construction tools. The layout will be tested and optimized prior to fabrication.

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